Engine Management System Fault?

At the heart of most modern vehicles, today is a small box of electronics commonly referred to as an Engine Management System or Engine Control Unit (ECU). This device basically controls a series of actuators on an engine to ensure optimal performance. It does this by reading values fed back from a multitude of sensors within the engine compartment, interpreting the values and comparing the results with a ‘look-up table’ and making the necessary adjustments to the actuators. All this is done in microseconds and when all components are working correctly and harmoniously, you have a vehicle running in tip-top condition.

But like most things in life, things do go wrong and it needs specialist knowledge and the right diagnostic equipment to correctly identify problems in order to resolve them.

Midland Diesel Solutions has the level of expertise, knowledge and experience, along with the latest and most up-to-date diagnostic equipment on the market to diagnose and repair most faults.

Our knowledge and equipment covers:

  • Ignition systems
  • Fuel Injections systems
  • Emission controls
  • Sensors
  • Switches

Don’t ignore the dashboard warning lights and call the experts on 01455 631821

Engine Management System

The heart of a car! A typical Engine Management System ‘black box’ or ECU.

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