Air Conditioning

The Air-conditioning system on your vehicle is another collection of parts that needs periodic maintenance and repair, in order to maintain efficiency and provide you with clean cold air when you need it. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that air conditioning should be serviced every 2 years.

Often referred to as ‘air-con recharging’ or ‘air-con re-gassing’ our full air con service can be carried out on all makes and models of vehicles and includes the following:

  • In-car checks for unpleasant odours and excessive condensation
  • Drain air con system
  • Visual inspection for contamination of oil separated after drain off
  • Recharge air-con refrigerant (re-gas)
  • Replace oil removed during drain off
  • Check operation and condition of air-con compressor drive belt
  • Visual inspection of pressure lines, hoses and connections for leaks
  • Check cooling fan operation
  • Check chamber drains are clear and free from obstruction

Carrying out such a thorough air-con service enables us to identify faults quickly and ensure that your vehicles air conditioning system stays fully operational. It also makes sure that your air-con system is clean and hygienic.

We can carry out this service whilst your vehicle may be in the workshop having other work done such as an MOT, repair or annual service – we can give you a quote when you book your vehicle in – just ask.

Air Conditioning Contamination Treatment

When your air conditioning system is not in use (quite a lot of time in the UK!), condensation builds up on the evaporator and becomes an ideal place for bacteria and fungi to breed. This bacteria can be a hazard to your health and when the warmer weather comes along and you turn your air conditioning on, these nasty, unhealthy bacteria can be vented directly into the cabin area. The first you’ll know about this will be an unpleasant smell although more often than not, you’ll be unaware that you are breathing in these harmful bacteria.

For a small extra cost, we can decontaminate your air conditioning system with our decontamination treatment.

The decontamination treatment:

  • Kills the bacteria and fungi and suppresses the build-up of bacteria colonies
  • Improves air quality
  • Deodorises the interior of the vehicle
  • Gives you and your passengers the peace of mind knowing that you’re travelling in a healthier and cleaner environment

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