Faulty Electric Windows?

Electrically operated car windows were not so long ago only found on high-specification vehicles. The majority of new vehicles manufactured today, however, have at the very least, driver and front passenger electric car windows. When operating correctly they provide a convenient and easy way to open and close your car windows with a minimum of fuss and effort.

Annoyingly, when they go wrong, you are left with a problem that needs urgent attention. In a lot of cases, the car window regulator or window motors cease to function, ‘freeze’ or get clogged up causing them to be inoperable. In other cases, there may be a blown fuse or some other electrical wiring issue that needs a professional to diagnose and repair or replace.

At Midland Diesel Solutions we have the latest diagnostic equipment that enables us to quickly and efficiently identify the problem and take the appropriate course of action to remedy the problem.

Electric windows

Electric windows not working? Get the experts in to fix them for you.

If you have a problem with your electric windows give us a call on 01455 631821 and we’ll fix them for you.

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